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Download Mail Task

Download Mail Task is a custom SQL Server Integration Services task and does what it says really, download mail from a mail server.
Configure the task with the pop3 mail server address, port, username and password and download to filesystem the mail attachments or the entire mail.

Main Features

  • Specify POP3 mail server address and port
  • Authenticate with username and password
  • Define multiple attachment extension using Regular Expressions
  • Filter sender email address
  • Decompress compressed file attachment (actually only support for zip files)
  • Save files to filesystem specifying some useful option like "Overwrite existing" or "Autonumber"

Issues and New Features

Please use to the Issue Tracker page to notify about problems and the Discussion page to ask new features. Your contribute will be appreciated.

Current Status

Currently Download Mail Task has released its first version and i'm working on the next release with some little improvements and a wizard setup.


Third Party Libraries

Download Mail Task use ICSharpZipLib, an open source .NET library:

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